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The Benefits of Adding a Deck to a Home

In the warm weather there are few things nicer than gathering on the deck in the backyard for a family barbecue. Adding a deck to a home, or rebuilding a deck that has fallen on hard times, is one of the best things you can do to a home to enhance its value, appearance and usability. But what are some of the benefits of adding a deck to a home? Let’s look at just a few key points:

Added Living Space: An outdoor deck is a way to incorporate additional living space into your home. This point is especially important if you do a lot of entertaining, or have a large family. Thanks to Nanaimo’s benign climate, deck usage doesn’t have to be limited only to the summer months as it would be elsewhere in the country. Remember the last time you hosted at party at your home? If you’re like most people there would be a point in the evening when most of the guests find themselves congregating around the kitchen – after all that’s where the food and drink can be found. A tight space like a kitchen can get congested pretty quickly. But if you have a deck handy you have a natural path for the flow of that humanity to follow. Throw in an outdoor grill or bar and you find yourself the owner’s of an open-air kitchen, and one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood.

Improved Yard Usage: Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, a deck or patio area might be the perfect way to turn a wasted space into a prized destination. This would be especially useful if the yard is odd shaped, built on a slope or other geographic anomaly. A deck can turn an irregular surface into a flat and functional work / entertainment area. If there is a pronounced slope to the yard a tiered deck might be the perfect remedy. Visualize a main deck with chairs and a barbecue, and a lower tier where the hot tub or lounge chairs can be found. Some inventive design can turn an underutilized patch of yard into a new focal point of the home.

Added Home Value: No one adds a deck (or pretty much anything else) to a home with the belief the cost of the renovations will be recouped when the property eventually sells. But in the case of a deck you might expect to get a larger share back simply because a new quality deck is a prime selling feature. By some estimates, if you add a deck to a home prior to sale you can recoup 70 percent or more of the costs of building the deck once the home sells. History has shown that some add-ons, like swimming pools for example, do not really enhance the resale value of a home unless in the minds of a specific buyer. Decks and patios however are proven winners when it comes time to sell.

Exterior Enhancement: A deck, professionally designed and installed, can dramatically enhance the look and character of a home. A sundeck will add dimension to a yard, change the shape and appearance of the home and generally provide a property with a more complete and finished look. A deck can be painted or stained to match the home which makes the entire package more complete and appealing to the eye.

Short Timeframes: A deck is the sort of enhancement project that can be constructed in days, not weeks. Unlike interior renovation efforts, such as with kitchens or bathrooms, a deck is a very simple and basic construction task – even if wired with electricity or plumbed for gas. As such it can be put together in short order, with the added benefit of the noise and disturbance taking place outdoors, which will not disrupt the daily functioning of the home in the same way an interior renovation is certain to.

Relatively Inexpensive: When stacked up against interior updating efforts a deck or patio is a comparative bargain. Factors like size, design, complexities, features and type of lumber used all plays parts in determining the eventual cost of the project. But overall, no matter how elaborate, a deck is likely to be much less expensive to install than just about any other renovation venture.

The list could go on, but you get the idea. A deck is a great investment; it enhances a home, it can be installed in a relatively short time and it adds real value to a property. Do you have questions, or would like to learn how much it would cost to add a deck to your home? Then give us a call, we’re always willing to talk about home improvement ideas. Together we can make any home renovation project a reality.

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