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“Thank you very much for a job done to a standard above and beyond the usual. I would like to review the way we first started to work together and the ultimate outcome.

In the spring of 2011 I asked a painting Contractor to develop a quote to paint my 51 suite apartment property at 21 Prideaux St. in Nanaimo. He noticed a few areas of rot in the balconies that are a feature of each suite. I asked him to refer me to a Contractor who would be capable of addressing a small job quickly so that we could move on with the painting. He recommended you and after meeting at the site I was impressed that you seemed honest and knowledgeable and were prepared to move that small repair job ahead quickly. You did caution that the extent of the problem appeared minor but we wouldn’t really know for sure until the envelope of the balconies that were rotting was opened. How right you were to be cautious.

The job ended up as a total rebuild of all the external wall structure of all the balconies. Due to poor design there had been undetected water penetration for many years leading to extensive rot in all the framing of the walls. Fortunately the joists supporting the decks were mostly sound.


In consultation with your engineer you redesigned a wall structure that would be structurally sound, water proof and esthetically in keeping with the original design. Your crew then worked quickly and with minimum disruption to my tenants to repair all the damaged walls.


Through all the work it was always reassuring for me to consult with you on the stage of the project and anticipated costs and time involved. I knew with certainty that your rendered accounts would be accurate and reflect honestly the time and materials that had been utilized.

As the construction was nearing completion the painting began and again you came to my rescue. The Contractor that I had hired turned out to be incompetent. With the building less than 30% painted you got a painting team organized on short notice and had the job done in very short order just before the painting season window closed. Had you not helped me at that point I would have had a property unprotected from the elements over a full winter.


The building contractor business is full of very marginal operators and there are many sad stories of owners being abused by them. It was my great good fortune to have you start a small project that turned into a major repair, and have it done to a very high standard, with honesty and integrity. I would give me great pleasure to recommend you and your team to any prospective client.”

Best Regards Vern


“My experience with Lan-Mar Contracting was a very positive one. The contractor is reliable, honest, respectful, and gets the work was done in a timely fashion. He discusses various options and price points upfront and explains the work necessary. His referrals for landscaping and roofing also did not disappoint. I have recommended Lan-Mar Contracting to all of my friends and relatives.”


“We recently did some changes in our living room and a bedroom. We had a built in television and a built in entertainment centre removed, as we wanted to update our home. With these large cavities left, we had Oscar Lanoo of Lan-Mar Contracting come in, come up with a design to fill these voids, regain a bedroom closet, and fill in a small area of hardwood flooring. Oscar also designed and had his crew build a new cabinet that looked built in, but is removable to access the area behind it. He also removed an exterior door and a new one put in the same day. This has been a major update to our home and the cost was well with in our budget. The ideas were great, the workmanship was great, ad they kept a clean workspace. I would highly recommend Oscar Lanoo of Lan-Mar Contracting for any renovation.”

Chris Williams