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Renovation as a Form of Preservation

renoThe old expression goes: “They don’t build them like that anymore!” If that expression is applied to the construction of older homes then that could be a good thing. For Lan Mar Contracting the restoration and renovation of existing properties accounts for nearly 80% of the construction projects completed. For Lan Mar’s owner Oscar Lanoo the renovation of an older home is actually a form of historic preservation. “By updating an older home we end up with something that is better than it was before. Character homes often have leaky single pane windows, are short on insulation and probably have rot or other damage,” he explained.
“By bringing an older property up to code we create something that is more enjoyable for the owner. An updated home is more energy efficient, more comfortable and a more welcome part of its neighborhood. It’s far better to bring an old home back to life than it is to tear it down. That’s a piece of local history that is gone forever.”
The history of the City of Nanaimo goes back more than 150 years. The community is home to a large number of unique and beautiful character properties, many more than a century old. But the years have not been equally kind to all of the city’s character homes. Years of neglect, design trends introduced over the decades, the effects of weather and many other factors can see a once proud home fall into disrepair. By embracing a classic home and recognizing its charms, and then introducing modern materials and building techniques a property that once was considered a neighborhood eyesore can become a local treasure. A restored home typically features updated electrical wiring and plumbing systems, thermal windows, higher R-Value insulation, contemporary siding and hardware, new paint and often a refreshed landscaping scheme. Numerous local examples of this form of residential “Lazarus Effect” can be found throughout the city – many thanks to Lan Mar Contracting.
When a classic charmer is updated to 21st Century standards it becomes a usable, living link to the city’s colorful past. Contemporary materials and building techniques allow character homes to remain part of the community’s residential mix for decades to come. Older homes are witnesses to local history; their faces can be seen in old photographs and remembered in fading memories. By maintaining and preserving them for the enjoyment of future generations part of that history remains alive and tangible – something that can be touched and experienced. That is a gift for the ages that would not exist except for the efforts of inspired homeowners and talented renovation specialists.

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