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Renovating A Bathroom For The Modern User

contemporary bathroom design

Aside from the kitchen and the bedrooms, the bathroom is among the most important rooms in your home. But design trends, emerging technologies and evolving personal tastes have seen the once humble bathroom change into something more. Today’s bathroom can combine living space with comfort and efficiency in ways never imagined by earlier generations. Modern bathrooms are now as much for lounging and relaxing in comfort as they are for their primary function.

A centerpiece of any bathroom is the shower, or tub and shower combination, depending on the tastes of the individual homeowner. In 2015 there is a trend that sees the traditional bathtub re-imagined for a new generation. In the recent past there had been a movement that saw bathtubs grow into oversized brutes adorned with towering surrounds and multiple jets to spray their user from every conceivable angle. According to the Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) the contemporary vision of the bathtub is far more humble, while being water thrifty and just as functional. In a recent report the CHBA said that rather than bathroom behemoths, smaller, free-standing tubs which take up less space and offer cleaner lines are increasingly being sought out by homeowners and builders alike.

Bathrooms in 2015 will also offer users plenty of light and openness, through the use of skylights and energy efficient lighting fixtures. There’s also a wide range of plumbing options in vogue at present. While the typical chrome or brushed nickel fixtures continue to be the most popular in use on Canadian tubs, there is a renewed interest in colored or enameled bathroom fixtures. This is especially common when an older home is being renovated. By combining modern tubs and fixtures that showcase a traditional appearance, homeowners can have both modern efficiency and a timeless design that enhances a character home’s original design charms.

Stepping on a cold bathroom floor on a chilly morning is not a poplar experience. But there’s a simple and increasingly common answer to the cold floor issue: make it warm! In-floor heating is becoming an increasingly popular request for bathroom renovation projects. But with an eye on reducing energy bills while being kindly to the environment, energy-conscious consumers can today opt for programmable thermostats to control floor heating (and costs). Other extras found in a contemporary bathroom renovation projects include such formerly unheard of luxuries as heated mirrors and even heated towel bars if desired.

Another part of any bathroom updating is the inclusion of additional storage space. With a focus on clean, simple design lines, homeowners in 2015 want to minimize clutter while looking for increased storage capacity. They also want that storage space made out of better-quality cabinetry than before. Premium woods and fine craftsmanship are appearing more often in bathroom cabinetry and millwork. With current renovation techniques that ensure good bathroom ventilation and air quality, a longer lifespan is guaranteed for all finishes. Modern clients are increasingly interested in investing in good quality fixtures, finishes and workmanship – products built to stand the test of time.

Another item of interest in modern renovation efforts is re-building a bathroom for increased accessibility. With an aging population wanting to stay in their homes longer, accessibility issues have become a more common consideration than ever before. Low-slope floors that offer curb-free shower access minimize tripping hazards and allow shower access for walkers and wheelchairs. This offers homeowners the reassurance that the master bath will remain useable as they age. Even if consumers aren’t yet ready for today’s more stylish and attractive grab bars, the convenience of them make the items a sought after addition, regardless of the age or health of the user.

Of course a modern bathroom has to be one that is water efficient. The trend today is toward green, more water-efficient products. Ongoing improvements in technology ensure items such as low-flow fixtures and dual-flush toilets meet performance expectations, today and in the years ahead. The bathroom of today has cast off its former role as a supporting player on the home stage and has evolved into a mini-haven behind closed doors. This evolution of the form and function of the room is why bathroom renovation projects have become so popular, especially among older homes.

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