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New Home Trends in 2014

Trends in New Home Building 2014

When you are deciding to build a new custom homes you don’t necessarily have to follow what the latest trends are, but using popular trends can provide inspiration and better resale value for your home. Here are some latest home trends in new construction and custom home building that will hopefully give you some ideas when you are deciding to build your new home in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

Eco Friendly Design
If you are in a position to build your next dream home and you plan on living in the building for many years to come, building with energy conservation in mind can save you money and build value in your home. Just think where the biggest energy consumption comes from: heating/ air, loss of heat, hot water, and lighting. Some options to consider are using heat pumps, geothermal, high velocity air handler, and in floor heating such as heating with hot water. Sure some of these options mean paying more upfront building costs, but over time you will save money and provide a much more comfortable living environment.

High efficiency insulation means less heat loss and keeping your home cooler in the summer. Consider using spray in foam for a more environmental friendly option.
With technology improvements, LED lighting has never provide more options. On average lights use 60-100ws per light, LED lights use about 7w. Do the math! Look to use highly efficient LED lights in your home instead of traditional lighting. Solar panels can cut back your electricity costs by providing power to your home and possibly back into the grid, meaning your making money. If you live somewhere the power goes out frequently, solar provides some peace of mind.

Drain water heat recovery will reduce your hot water heating costs. Recirculation solar collector can also reduce your hot water costs by utilizing solar energy and warmer air.
Going with argon filled highly efficient windows can seriously cut your heating costs and keep your place more cool in the summer. Windows generally lose the most heat in your home in the winter.

Flexible Rooms
Flex rooms are increasingly more popular with changing in demographics and preferences, having rooms that are multipurpose means the room can be changed at any point during the year. This flex room style is being driven by baby boomers, income and versatility.
Baby boomers like flex rooms, which means elderly family can live with their family. These flex areas are usually segregated from the rest of the home such as a self contained unit/ suite, which allows for separation from family. This also allows an area of the home to be rented out for passive income at some point in the future.
Versatility is the main reason driving flex room design, homeowners like choices and the ability to maximize living space and option to change in the future as the family dynamics change.

Healthy Living
Using building materials that are health conscious is becoming more important in 2014/2015. Picking paints, upholstery, insulation, wood stain, and other synthetic materials for your home that don’t pose hypoallergenic reactions for you and your family is important. You have to live in your home and spend most of your life in this building. Make healthy building decisions for you and your family for peace of mind.

Kitchens have now taken over as the most important room in the house, it is now the centre of your home. Kitchens have always been the best place to spend your money when it comes time to building or renovating since you get your best return for investment here. However, kitchens can be expensive so when you are designing your kitchen space keep in mind things like you don’t need drawers in every single inch of the kitchen. Ventilation is key in the kitchen, don’t skimp out here.

Color schemes that are popular in 2014 for the kitchen are grey, it seems to be the new white. Think new innovative hardware for your kitchen such as hardware manufactures like Blum, with their easy to close, fold up, hydraulic push of the button systems make this a perfect option when space is limited. Kitchen sinks are now trending away from the classic white to an array of colors to make them a focal point. Also consider timeless farmhouse apron front cast iron sinks for something new and different. Bold light fixtures can also create color, excitement and provide nice contrast in the kitchen.

There is now more technology options in the kitchen from automatic hands free faucets which make it great for kids or times when your hands are dirty. Sensor activated lights when it’s in use to meat thermometers that alert your smart phone when dinner is done, kitchen technology is available to make your life easier.
You can save money on your kitchen when you opt for lookalike products such as laminate counters that look like granite. Quartz is becoming a popular choice for counters with its sleek design and durability.

Storage Capacity
Storage is always high on peoples bucket list when it comes to designing their new home. When planning a new home or renovation here are a few ideas to consider to maximize your storage: Kitchen Islands, bench seats with storage underneath, floor to ceiling book cases, pull out drawers in the bedroom, drawer organizers, utilize the backs of doors with hooks and sleeves, and use baskets and containers on or in your shelving. Don’t skimp on a good closet system, being organized makes life much easier, knowing where to look relieves a lot of stress.

Outdoor Living
Of course the biggest return on your investment for your home is what your property look like from the curb. Having a nicely landscaped and outdoor living space provides quality of life and means you will get a better return on your investment, your home. Here are some popular trends in outdoor living:

Inventive lighting: if you are to make the most of your outdoor living then you will need lighting, think evenings. Opt for creative or chic ambiant lighting such as paced under seating, or garden features, and don’t just go with one color pick many.

Outdoor hot tubs: this is a perfect way to get outside and enjoy. In todays fast pace hectic lifestyle, we need more opportunities to unwind and escape.
Natural materials in your outdoor living space such as rock pathways, slabs of stone for sitting on, opt for more wood and stone for your outdoor living area.

Fire pits: they are practical and down right awesome. Enjoy those cooler evenings by warming up and entertaining at your firepit.

Native plants: stick to the local fauna of your region, don’t import fancy plants that might not survive and or get eating by deer. Go with local draught resistant plants. Think food producing plants, berries, fruit trees, herbs, etc.

Wall gardens: with smaller outdoor living spaces you have to get creative with your greenery. Think vertical gardens and wall gardens. Succulents work well or grapes, creeping Virginia, etc.

Reduce the lawn: instead go with featured gardens, patios, and other non grassy areas. Having large grass lands are great for kids, but if left un maintained they can go bad quickly.

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