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FAQ’s of Building a Custom Home

Frequently Asked Questions When Building a New House

1. How long does it take to build a new house?
Approximately four to six months on average.
2. Do I need a building designer or architect? 
You need a building designer. An architect can be very expensive and a building designer can draw up plans for your new home.
3. What is the cost per square foot to build a new house?
On average a basic house is approximately $150 per square feet, then sky’s the limit as how expensive you make your house depending upon your specifications. You could build a little cheaper too.
4. Are building permits and inspections my responsibility?
We apply for all the building permits needed.
5. What is the process of building a new custom home?
The process is get your financing in order, find the lot or the property, then we help you get your building plans, then the lot will be surveyed, then we start digging to get the foundation in.
6. How do I manage the disruption caused to my neighbors?
Sometimes building does not require disturbing your neighbours and sometimes you have to disturb them or go onto their property. If we absolutely have to disturb the neighbors we will get a cost together and a written agreement in place with neighbors, and document the process with photos.
7. Can you find us a lot or do we have to find our own?
We recommend that you work with a professional Realtor and find a suitable lot. We can provide input and suggestions as to whether your building will be suitable for the lot or property.
8. Are you a green building?
I have taken the Built Green course, but we just recommend choosing energy efficient building systems such as waterless hotwater tanks and infloor heating, etc. Since the new building code is so strict on energy efficiency most houses are as close to green built as you are going to get.
9. Can I make changes to the building plan after it has started?
Yes, you can make changes to the building plan after it has started, however we advise against it. Since changing structure walls or changing the plan after the trades such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC have been there the costs can add up if we have to get those people to change things.
10. Is there a warranty on the new home?
Yes, we have a ten year warranty, two years on all the cosmetics, five years on the envelope, and ten years warranty on the structure.
11. Who picks out the finishing materials and colors such as paint, windows, trim, etc.?
We can help you pick the finishing materials, but a lot of time we help you pick out the right materials. It is ultimately your decision but we can provide you with advice.
12. If I live out of town is this a problem?
It is no problem for us to build for people out of town. With technology such as phones that can email photos we can send instantly keep people up to date with their new home construction.
13. What type of commitment do you need from me?
The commitment is you have to have the financing in order to start the project and be on board with choosing all the finishing materials because it is imperative the project moves along quickly.
14. How do we get started?
Call or email Oscar today.

 Lan Mar Contracting is a new home, custom builder in Nanaimo. 

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