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Renovations to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Hate to use the “W” word, but winter is fast approaching. Sure, being situated on the West Coast of Canada Nanaimo is blessed with a fairly benign climate, but even here the mercury can dip, and (horrors) it can occasionally snow. So while there’s still time to prepare for the onset of winter what steps […]

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Best Renovations for your Money

The best renovations for your home for your money Whether you are going to hire a professional renovator or have enough skills to do it on your own, kitchen upgrades, interior painting and hardwood flooring are always the best possible renovations. So, if you are bored from seeing soft shag rugs and wood-panalled walls, then […]

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New Home Trends in 2014

Trends in New Home Building 2014 When you are deciding to build a new custom homes you don’t necessarily have to follow what the latest trends are, but using popular trends can provide inspiration and better resale value for your home. Here are some latest home trends in new construction and custom home building that […]

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FAQ’s of Building a Custom Home

Frequently Asked Questions When Building a New House 1. How long does it take to build a new house? Approximately four to six months on average. 2. Do I need a building designer or architect?  You need a building designer. An architect can be very expensive and a building designer can draw up plans for […]

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