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Benefits of Spring Time Home Renovations

The calendar may say that it’s winter, but for many homeowners this is the perfect time to start planning a spring renovation project. The coming of the warmer weather, the increasing hours of sunlight, the blooming of the flowers are among the traditional motivators for springtime renovation activities. There are some real advantages for tackling a reno project in the spring. Just a few of them include the following:

In or out – it’s your Choice: Thanks to the nicer spring weather the coming season is perfect for projects conducted both inside and outside of your home: In the dark and cold days of winter most renovation work is conducted inside (who wants to be working in the wet and cold?). But with the coming of the pleasant spring weather the outdoors beckons, making it the ideal time for that fixing, painting and straightening you’ve been putting off during the past few months. But, a Vancouver Island spring can be a damp time, so the spring remains a good season for indoor efforts to. It is the season for options, depending on the goal or size of the “to do” list.

Out in the yard: Of course when it comes to landscaping the spring is far and away the best season. Now is the time for laying out the garden, orchestrating the planting and thinking about that first session of lawn care. Now is also a great time to buy your seed, fertilizer and plant food, as well as to conduct maintenance on your long neglected gardening tools and equipment.

But what are some typical spring reno projects? Of course there is no one answer, the choice is as varied as there are homes and individuals. A few common activities include the remodeling of kitchens and/or bathrooms, finishing off that portion of the basement that has been beckoning you all winter, foundation repairs or basement waterproofing, faulty window replacement, installing lighting or even an in-law suite installation. If you plan to sell your home this year, the spring is also a great time to prepare your home for the marketplace – such as painting and small repairs. The chores list is as expansive as the property itself.

If you’re the do it yourselfer type, the coming months are going to be busy and likely expensive. But if you’d rather dream up the work and then allow the professionals to turn your ideas into comfortable realities, now is the right time to contact the experts, such as those at Lan Mar Contracting. But remember call early, this is a busy time for renovation companies as well. You don’t want to see your vision fade because you couldn’t arrange the assistance you needed to bring your ideas to life.

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