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Lan Mar Contracting an Evolving Business

An active and growing part of the Nanaimo construction industry, Lan Mar Contracting has seen many changes to its business and to the community at large since it first opened its doors. In a recent interview company founder Oscar Lanoo reflected on his firm’s beginnings, and visualized the direction it will be taking in the future.


Oscar Lanoo of Lan Mar Contracting has seen a lot of changes since opening his doors more than lan mar contracting of nanaimo, bc30 years ago. A builder of residential and light commercial projects, Lan Mar Contracting works equally with designers and architects, or custom builds homes to plans brought to them by clients. “Someone comes to us with a plan they have found in a plan book or on the web and says this is what they want,” he says. “We then work with them to customize it to meet their specific needs. Often there are many considerations that come into the final design, such as the shape or composition of the lot, the unique requirements of the customer, zoning and that sort of thing. Ideally in the end we come up with something that satisfies everyone’s needs.”
While new home construction remains an important part of Lan Mar’s output, renovations and updating projects are becoming increasingly important. “Homes built in the past were not always the most comfortable. Increasingly we are handling updating or renovation projects. It’s a way of preserving some of the city’s most unique properties by making them livable and fully up to code.

Today a full 80% of the work we do involves updating or renovating existing properties.”
While often visually appealing on the outside, classic homes can be drafty and more expensive to heat than properties constructed to more contemporary designs. A major residential updating could include replacing such components as wiring and plumbing, insulation, windows and doors, exterior siding, paint (inside and out), fixtures, furnaces and ductwork, kitchens and bathrooms. “Kitchens in the past were typically quite small, without provision for today’s appliances. When putting a new kitchen into an older home we usually expect it to take up far more space than it did originally. But the end result of all this work is a home with classic charms, yet modern conveniences and comfort making it the best of both worlds.”

classic homes can be drafty and more expensive to heat than properties constructed to more contemporary designs

But Lan Mar Contracting doesn’t focus solely on major projects, small scale tasks such as decking, garages, stairs, single room makeovers and other relatively minor upgrades are also frequently completed. “I like the smaller jobs, the ones we can put together in a relatively short time and move onto the next. It really is a case of us taking on any job, big or small. That’s not a slogan but it could be. Over the years it’s safe to say that we’ve completed hundreds of different jobs throughout Nanaimo and beyond.”

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